GEG provides turn-key wellhead geothermal power plants in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 11 MWe per unit. They can be set up in units according to customer needs & output specifications.

GEG’s condensing single flash plants utilise turbines and components reliably sourced from trusted international suppliers in a single or twin configuration, handling a pressure range between 4 to 18 bar a.

Remote access and optimised power

The modular design by GEG’s engineering and industry experts allows for electricity generation from remote or stranded wells that are outside of the topographical reach of larger traditional plants.

Utilising individual wellhead power plants enables optimum energy generation, regardless of differing well outputs and characteristics.

Alternative to traditional power plants

Geothermal wellhead units are an option for large-scale plant development, allowing for more efficient use of capital in order to connect power units to the grid. The high speed of delivery will also provide early revenues to offset development costs, may replace the diesel cost for drilling rigs, and mitigate risk for resource assessment.

Power farms and rapid deployment

Beyond independent unit implementation, GEG wellhead plants can be deployed in larger numbers for cultivation of ‘power farms’ to be operated long-term. Interconnecting several plants together can effectively replace traditional large-scale plants.

GEG’s unique wellhead solution can be deployed and online within 12-14 months from ordering, allowing for faster return on investment.

Single turbine set-up

Twin turbine set-up