The 5 plants OLK 04 to 08 were set up for KenGen at Olkaria in Kenya on the same well pad set up with wells WH 914, WH 914A, WH 914 B, and WH 914C. The site features three plants with an installed power generation capacity of 5 MW with a single turbine set-up, and two plants with a dual-turbine set up and an installed capacity of 6.4 MW each.

OLK04 WH-914A 6.4 MWe Operating since Feb. ‘14, handed over in Mar. ‘14
OLK05 WH-914B 6.4 MWe Operating since Mar. ‘14, handed over in May ’14
OLK06 WH-914 5.0 MWe Operating since Oct. ‘14, handed over in Jan. ‘15
OLK07 WH-914 5.0 MWe Operating since Nov. ‘14 •Handed over in Jan. ‘15
OLK08 WH-914C 5.0 MWe Operating since Feb. ‘15 •Handed over in May ‘15