GEG KE Ltd. is the Kenyan subsidiary of Icelandic GEG Power Ltd.

GEG is a supplier of modular geothermal power plants, delivered on a turnkey basis. The company was founded in Iceland in 2008 under the name Green Energy Group. GEG has developed a unique power plant system that is prefabricated in ready modules and commissioned on site in a matter of months.

GEG currently delivers turnkey flash type modular geothermal wellhead power plants sizing from 3.5 MWe to 11 MWe per unit. The plants reduce capital expenses and project risk and allow for quicker payback on investment. They can be scaled through several modules for larger scale development or expansions.The highly experienced executive team at GEG has assembled a team commanding a wealth of experience within the design, engineering, project management and operation of geothermal plants and is supported by a Board of Directors drawn from both investment banking and the engineering sector.

GEG is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, along along with the core technical and R&D team. Our company works closely with selected suppliers and contractors on different modules enabling GEG to provide turnkey geothermal power plants in a rapid scale-up. We also work together with local contractors in regards to site preparation and installation in those countries where we operate.We maintain a strong commitment to ensuring that our activities contribute positively to society and the environment.

Our Strategy

  • Build and develop geothermal wellhead power plants through the delivery of complete units ready for operation for the client
  • Provide a flexible power plant solution with high scalability and quick payback on investment
  • Continue to lower the capital intensity of geothermal power development
  • Offer flexible solutions adapted to local environments and customer needs
  • Drive the technological progress in the industry


Benson N. Ngugi, Managing Director

Direct: +354 5185290
Mobile: +254 724 822010