10 years in Kenya – the successful implementation of a geothermal wellhead plant strategy and development by GEG ehf. for KenGen at Olkaria

Reykjavik – October 2021 – With the win of a tender for a 5.5 MW geothermal pilot plant in late 2009, GEG (then Green Energy Group) entered the international geothermal energy market with the new concept of modular geothermal development with small geothermal wellhead power plants.

From those early beginnings and the start of construction in 2010/ 2011, GEG has today delivered a total of 85.6 MW in geothermal power generation capacity in Kenya and Iceland. For KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC), GEG built 15 wellhead power plants as well as delivered and set up several substations.

Of the sixteen plants built by GEG, fifteen of those were built for KenGen, as well as one for Landsvirkjun, in GEG‘s home country of Iceland.

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