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About GEG KE Ltd.

GEG KE Ltd. is the Kenyan subsidiary of the Icelandic company GEG ehf., a geothermal developer and consultancy. GEG was founded in Iceland in 2019 on a market opportunity for complete and modular turn-key geothermal development approach through a joint venture with international partners. The company and its acquired assets have developed a unique power plant system that can be commissioned on-site in a matter of months.

GEG built its business on turn-key flash type modular geothermal wellhead power plants sizing from 3.5 MWe to 11 MWe per unit. These plant types reduce capital expenses and project risk, and allow for quicker payback on investment. They can be scaled through several modules for larger scale development or expansions. Today, GEG has ongoing projects in Africa, South America, Central Europe, and India, and is investigating direct use applications of geothermal energy.